Reasons to Get out on the Water

So many have said to themselves, “I want to own a boat someday.” But let’s make that someday, TODAY! With Long Island Boat rentals you can get out on the water without the commitments of ownership or reasons that are holding you back.

Top Reasons to get out on the water:

  • Boating is a social pastime – Studies show, almost all active boaters say they spend time with friends or family while boating (95 percent). Enjoying nature (94 percent) and relaxing (93 percent) are also nearly universal boating experiences.
  • Reduce Stress – It’s hard to worry about that meeting that didn’t go well at work when you’re reeling in a big fish on the open water. Life can be hard. Getting outdoors and onto the waves is the perfect way to refresh and recharge.
  • Foster Family Bonding – Boating encourages fellowship and creates quality time together like few other activities. Prepare yourself for fun, wholesome family time away from video games or TV that your children will actually enjoy. Your greatest family memories probably won’t be created by staring at the latest television show – so get outside!  The comradery, laughter, and bonding created by recreational boating are priceless.
  • Achieve Boss Status – We’re not suggesting you should bribe your friends to hang out with you, but there’s no denying that having access or the ability to drive a boat gives everyone a great excuse to want to hang out with you.
  • Get Out in Nature! It’s right in your backyard! – Don’t let our urban area trick you, we’re surrounded by water! There’s not one place in the entire NY metropolitan area besides the water, where you have so much open space to yourself when on your boat. Look at our interactive map see and see how much room you have to play!
  • Boating is Rewarding for all Ages – As an adult, seeing the smile on a child’s face after a fun day on the water is absolutely priceless. The entire family can be involved in boating. Teenagers can have fun wakeboarding and tubing while also learning the responsibilities of safety and importance of being diligent on the boat. Kids can do the smaller tasks on the boat, teaching them teamwork and giving them confidence in their abilities.
  • Enjoy the Health Benefits – Aside from stress reduction, breathing in the clean salty air out on the water has been known to have many health benefits. Even, some boating activities like tubing, skiing, wakeboarding, and swimming can be equivalent to intense workouts all while having a smile on your face.