About Long Island Boat Rentals

Long Island Boat Rentals is the Island’s premier boating service. Located on Manhasset Bay in Port Washington, we offer bareboat rentals of 21’-27’ bowriders for experienced boaters (8-10 passengers max) plus captained rentals and yacht charters (6 passengers max) so you can enjoy boating in Gold Coast style.

Host your parties or entertain business guests with gatherings on the water! “Elixir” is our new custom-designed party yacht for 24 guests, an unmatched private luxury yachting experience. Our floating dock party, the “Flarty” accommodates 24 guests (with boat rentals of equal capacity) and is only available for rent to private boat owners.

Get boat training with semi-private classes to get qualified to rent and then enjoy 15% off 5 rentals in the same season. Now you can join the Carefree Boat Club for unlimited boating with over 80 locations in the US. Long Island Sound offers some of the best boating in the world and we love sharing the experience with our clients.