Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) help answer most questions about renting or chartering one of our boats. If after checking out these FAQs and your question isn’t answered – contact us!

General Questions

What happens if the weather is bad?

If there is poor weather during the rental period, we always guarantee that you can reschedule your rental and the credit will be applied to the later date. You don’t lose your rental or your money! In the event that we don’t have rentals on any of the dates you are looking to reschedule, we will likely issue a refund.  However, very often we find that the weather forecast is inaccurate or is specific to certain hours of the day and it’s best to check with us before your rental in regards to weather.

How many people can I bring on the boat?

Each boat has a capacity listed for the number of people that the boat is capable of holding when rented without a captain. Any boats/yachts with a captain operating can bring up to 6 passengers max.

Can I bring a dog aboard the boats?

No, for the safety of the dog we do not permit dogs on board our vessels.

What time should I arrive?

We always recommend arriving a minimum of 20 minutes prior to your rental.  Once you book, you will receive a confirmation email with more information in regards to anything you need to be aware of prior to the rental.

Do you have parking on site?

Yes. We have a private parking lot at both of our locations.

Yacht Charter – Questions

How long can I charter a yacht for?

Private Yacht Charters are booked hourly with a minimum period of 4 hours and can operate after dark.  Alden must be booked for a minimum of 5 hours on weekends.Special arrangements for Private Yacht Charters for multiple days can be arranged. Please call us for details (516) 761-0840.

What is included in the rates?

Rates for Yacht Charters include the cost of the captain but exclude fuel costs, which will be determined by the end of the voyage or can be built into the price, provided a destination/itinerary. There is no fuel cost on the Alden.

Are food and beverages provided?

Boats will always have cold waters on board.  Ask us about provisioning the yacht with food and/or beverages for you, for an additional fee!  Otherwise, you’re welcome to bring your own food, beverages and/or alcohol. We recommend easy-to-eat foods for convenience while the boat may be in motion.

Boat Rental – Questions

Do I need a boat license to drive?

In New York, if you are born before May 1, 1996, you do not need to hold a NY Boating Safety Certificate (informally referred to as boat license).  If you are born after it is required that you have a NY Boating Safety Certificate. However, Long Island Boat Rentals does have knowledge & experience requirements in order to operate one of our rental boats.

What are the L.I.B.R. knowledge and experience requirements?

We require that you have prior experience operating similar boats on similar waters. Boating on lakes and on vacation may be helpful for boat handling, however we require all of our renters have experience navigating on coastal waters. If you are a first time renter unsure on whether you meet our requirements, you should give us a call to discuss your prior boating experience before you book online.

Where can I go with the boats?

Different boats in our fleet are capable of going different distances as we need to have the boats in range to render assistance if necessary.  Most rentals must stay within the Western Long Island Sound. The area boundaries are LaGuardia Airport to the West and Smithtown Bay to the East. Our Renters find there is so much close by that there’s no need to go far to find wonderful destinations.  Upon coming down for your rental we will review the boundaries with you.

Is the boat filled with fuel? Do I have to pay for fuel?

Your rental boat will come with a full tank, or more-than-enough fuel for your rental. Renters are responsible for the cost of the fuel consumed during the rental. At the end of each rental our dock-staff check the exact amount of fuel consumed and will let you know the total amount. No need to waste time going to the fuel dock or at the pump, Fueling the boats is included to save you time and effort!

What is the average price of fuel consumed?

We can never predict exactly how much you will consume however On a 3-hour boat rental, the average cost of fuel is anywhere from $25-50. Fuel costs are very dependent on the size of the Boat, Passenger weight & engine size.  Learn more about saving $$$ and fuel by taking one of our lessons or courses!  

What is included on the boat?

When you rent from us we provide everything you need so the boat is turn-key and ready to go! All boats will include life vests for all passengers, Garmin EchoMap GPS, Bluetooth Stereo, all required US Coast Guard safety equipment, VHF Radio, First-aid kit,

Are there discounts for renting multiple times?

Yes. We do offer all of our clients – discounts when you rent 5 times or more in one season. Check out our 5-Pack for more details.

What happens if I damage the boat during the rental?

All our boats are professionally maintained and are presented.

Can I bring alcohol on the boats?

Definitely, as long as the driver isn’t drinking it!

What are the laws in regards to Boating While Intoxicated (BWI)?

The same legal limits apply on boats on the water and cars on the road.

Can I do water sports on the boat rentals?

Watersports are permitted with written consent of Long Island Boat Rentals.

What time should I show up for my rental?

Please come no later than 15 to 20 minutes so we can get you out on time!

What happens if I am late for my rental?

Not a problem, but please notify us if you’re running late. However, the boat does have to be returned at the stated end time of the rental.

What happens if I bring the boat back late?

We do have late fees that apply for rentals that are more than 5 minutes late.